Kasteelruïne Fluweelengrot
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Guided tour of the Velvet Cave

Follow the guide as you explore one of the oldest underground networks of passageways in South Limburg. Listen to stories about the workers who cut out blocks of marl for use in the building of castles and churches. Imagine what it was like for the people who hid here during the various wars, and discover their secret hideaways. Admire the beautiful paintings and sculptures in the cave and enjoy a really fantastic tour…

The temperature in the Velvet cave is a constant 12°C, so take this into account when deciding what clothes to wear.
The guided tour of the Velvet cave lasts 50 minutes.

You can book your own guide for your group, in which case you will not be limited to the regular opening times and your group can stay together throughout the tour.
Groups of 25 people or more pay group prices. You then pay € 15,00 / € 18,00 / € 20,00* per guide. An administration fee of € 10,00 is charged for every reservation. Click here for the reservation form.

* Fee for guide:
During regular hours € 15,00 per group of 35 people at most or € 18,00 per group for not Dutch speaking groups
Outside regular hours € 18,00 per group of 35 people at most or € 20,00 per group for not Dutch speaking groups